Yaesu FT 7900R Go-Box

This is the front of the go box, so in the top left we’ve got the Yaesu FT-7900 FM transceiver

It’s a dual bander that works on VHF and UHF. So, on two meters it goes up to 50 watts of power and on 70 centimeters it goes up to 40 watts of power. I’ve got the handheld mic for it over here on clip that I’ve mounted to one of the shelves, and

I typically will detach the hand mic and store it in this soft accessory bag when the the whole go box is in storage

In that soft accessory bag I’ve got a bunch of power-pole compatible accessories including this cigarette lighter style adapter that I’ve got a power-pole connector on so I can plug it into my Rig Runner in the back and power this USB power adapter off of, which is great for charging smartphones and tablets and whatnot.


I’ve also got a an external speaker connected to the radio for better fidelity. And then I’ve also got a Powerwerx 30 amp power supply over there, so that’s model SS 30 DV. Works great, no problems. I’ve also got an LED Rackmount LED lighting unit it’s MidAtlantic model LT-GN-PNL, so it’s a dual gooseneck lighting unit. So we’ve got these awesome flexible LED lights so you can operate with one or both, and they fold up really nicely up against the the

Lighting unit itself Works phenomenally well so for that. It’s powered by five volts Less than one amp so what I did was Took a USB cable and took the power and ground connectors off of that and then put a power terminal on the end of it And I’m using the USB output for my Rig Runner in the back which is model 4004USB

So I’m using the USB

Power output from the Rig Runner, so you actually power this lighting unit which is pretty cool.

I think it looks awesome, and it’s very functional.

Now we’re looking at the back of the go box so on the top left

we’ve got the Rig Runner model 4004U Which has four power-pole outputs and two USB port compatible power outlets

I’ve got one of the USB ports

Connected to the LED lighting unit which is the rank-mounted lighting unit that I showed you on the front.

You can also see the the back of the external

Speaker and then on the far right. We’ve got the Yaesu

FT-7900 radio and

Then on the lower left we’ve got the Powerwerx

30 amp power supply. In the middle I’ve got something that you couldn’t see from the front which is a

Netgear gigabit ethernet switch

That is running off of 12 volts of power

No more than 1 am it’s easy to rackmount that and could be useful in an

Emergency situation where having wired

Ethernet could be could be handy

Then on the far right I’ve got the Power Gate

PG40s which is an automatic

Power switching system that can trickle charge a battery

from DC power that’s coming from

The DC power supply over there, so that’s pretty cool.

So it can automatically switch between

mains power or

Battery power, and if it’s running off of mains power it can automatically charge the battery up which is very nice.

Last but not least we’ve got an essential part of any radio installation, which is of course the antenna. So here

I’ve got the Comet M-24M which is a

Antenna with a magnetic base

So I usually attach this to top of my vehicle. It’s got a detachable

Antenna so you can actually leave the base attached permanently if you choose

And then just unscrew the antenna. It works great.

So I actually have one of these on my truck that I leave attached all the time and

Have no problems with it and this has an M-type

connector, “Mike” type connector which connects to the back of the Yaesu FT-7900

without needing any adapters.

Here we’ve got the Gator box in it’s sealed up configuration, so you’ll see that it’s

22 inches tall

21 inches across and

14 inches deep and it’s got some really nice carrying handles on either end and

You can easily place it in a horizontal or vertical configuration like you see right here

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