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an image broken into its phases, for those interested in the process

final image


original image (not visible in final image)

initial image - by Bas Hijmans

layer 1 (normal layer blending mode, 100% opaque)

I cut and moved some selections, and used the rubber stamp tool to erase the girl.

layer 3 (overlay - 93%)

I used a source image by Bas Hijmans - the first in our collaborative series

I erased out some bits, flipped it horizontally, and played with the hue. (The white bits throughout this page are generally transparent.)

Here it is as an overlay over the other image

layer 4 (normal - 100%)

At some point later in the process, I wasn't happy with the skulls, they needed to be brought out more. So I copied part of the previous layer, and blended it as normal, rather than an overlay. (The layers were not created chronologically.)

Here it is, on top of the other layers.


layer 5 (exclusion - 81%)

I copied part of the previous image, flipped it, stretched it, and erased some parts out.

On top of the other layers.

layer 6 (soft light - 75%)

I took an old photo of my daughter.

I erased her out, and did some pasting, flipping and rubberstamping to add more tree stuff.

Here's the result.

layer 7 (multiply - 100%)

A boring layer, just to darken the corner a bit.

Works like a charm!

layer 8 (soft light - 100%)

Back to the photo of Claire. I colorized it to a nice warm brown, then selected the right side and stretched it to fill the canvas.

Merged with the other layers.

layer 9 (luminosity - 50%)

A scrap of Bas's original image, with the colors and contrast adjusted a bit.

On top of everything else.

layer 10 (luminosity - 50%)

A bit more of the fence, erased to fit around the girl.

Here it is, added in to complete the fence line across the image.

layer 11 (hard light - 100%)

back to the girl from Bas's original image - flipped horizontally and erased a bit to make the left edge softer.

Added into the image, as if it is picking up one of the skulls.

layer 12 (soft light - 100%)

The contrast in that wasn't quite what I was hoping for, so I duplicated the layer - and erased out a bit where the skull is.

It adds just enough contrast for me.

layer 13 (luminosity - 100%)

Got to take credit for the image, I suppose.

Our names.

layer 14 (multiply - 100%)

I decided the skull would stand out more if it was against a darker background.

I like that better.

layer 15 (hard light - 40%)

I added a bit of Bas's factory background, to give a subtle nature vs. factory theme.

There's our factory.

layer 16 (normal - 57%)

A bit of creative writing to top it all off.

The final image.