Review Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar

Pets often become a part of the family with which they leave. Cats and dogs are very friendly and get easily adjusted with family members. Pet owners treat them just like their little kids and would never want to miss them.  But sometimes if these pets go missing, they really find it very hard to track them and get it back to the family.

If you have a pretty cat and if you are worried about losing it, stay cool. Finding your pet cat will not be a problem anymore. With the invention of cat collars, it is really easy to track your cat inside and outside your home. This cat collar works using internet signals and once you put on this collar to your cat, you can easily track it using your smart phone, tablets or computers.

How it works?

The cat collars are imbedded with GPS tracking system which actually allows you to get the live location of your cat. The cat collar is very light weighted and it weighs only about 70 grams. It is made of highly flexible material to avoid any uncomfortable feel. It can easily fit in the neck of your cat without making it feel awkward. This cat collar comes with a charger which can be connected to your PC or laptop for charging. This also has an additional feature of safety release, which ensures that the collar easily comes off if your cat gets stuck somewhere. Hence you need not worry about the safety of your cat while using a cat collar.

The GPS system in Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar updates its positions once in every 10 minutes and this information will be stored on the cat tracking collar. You can view this information from any internet based device. An additional advantage of this cat collar is that in stores details of about 30 days which allows you to look back all movements of your cat if required. You can set a username and password food the device and using this you can log in to your cat’s profile and view the details. This also gives you an idea of your cat’s regular movements and where they often wander. This cat collar can deal with multiple cats and you can use it for any of your cat.

The cat collar has a GPS antenna at the back of the cat’s neck which actually provides a clear contact towards the sky in best possible positions. This gives images on Google Maps too. So you can easily track the streets using street view. Along with GPS, this can also pick up signals from Glonass satellite.

Advantages of Cat collar

* You can track your cat from anywhere. So it doesn’t matter whether you are at home or office or a holiday, you can track your cat from any place where you have internet connectivity and ensure the safety of your cat.

* You can set boundary limits for your cats to wander and at any time if the cat crosses these boundaries you will get alert signals. This way you can ensure that your cat does not go too far from your home or to any dangerous locations.

* The collar also sends alerts when its battery level goes down. On an average, it needs 4 hours of charging and once you charge it completely, the battery life can last up to 3 days.

* The most positive aspect of this cat collar is that when your cat returns home, it will recognize the home Wi-Fi signals and gets automatically shut down, and once your cat goes out of the home Wi-Fi range, the collar with get activated. This helps to save battery and ensures long battery life.

* This GPS system is splash proof and you need not worry about the working status of the collar even if your cat goes out in rain.

* This tracking system is available in more than 170 countries and it can work anywhere along these countries. So sometime if you move to a different country, never mind, your cat collar will still be working.

The only disadvantage with this cat feeder with collar sensor is that, it works only when there is a GPS signal available and once if the cat moves out in to a non-signal area, the collar works no longer. This cat collar can suit a collar size of 22-30cms and it may not fit your pet if the collar size doesn’t match this range. So if you are really concerned about the safety of your cat, then do consider buying a collar for your dear pet.

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