Retevis H-777 Review

Today I will have a look at the Retevis H-777 an entry-level UHF radio that is similar to the popular Baofeng BF-888S series. Inside the box you will find a charging station, carrying strap, and an earpiece. Since many people online recommended it, I also decided to upgrade the stock antenna.

I went for slightly longer one from SainSonic, when it comes to aftermarket antennas there’s plenty of choice, I will try to make a separate antenna video in the future, when buying an antenna just keep in mind to look for an SMA female connector, the SainSonic antenna is thin lightweight and has a nice flex to it. Definitely a nice upgrade compared to stock antenna, the supplied lithium-ion battery is rated a 1500 milliamp hours.


With the belt clip attached I had to hold the radio firmly with both hands, push down the release button, to be able to remove the battery, the release is at the bottom of the radio just push it down and slide out the battery. The belt clip seems to be very solid good quality for the price. make sure to check the battery pins however on my first order one of the batteries had a faulty pin, the dealer replace it no questions asked. I think the radio is supposed to be switched off before putting it into the charger. Here you can plug in the supplied earpiece, or you can use an optional speaker mic. However I think it is best to make sure the radio is switched off, before plugging in any accessories.

The external speaker mic works fine, but I found the sound quality of the built-in speaker to be better. Also keep in mind you will need the data cable and software to program these radios, unfortunately at this point there was no software for Mac users supplied with this data cable. Overall I’m very happy with these simple to use radios, of course you have to program them first and maybe upgrade to antenna, but after that every family member should be able to use one of these in an emergency situation. If you’re interested in this ham radio follow the link below in the description and make sure to subscribe to my channel for more awesome product reviews. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below and thank you for watching!

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