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Review Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar

Pets often become a part of the family with which they leave. Cats and dogs are very friendly and get easily adjusted with family members. Pet owners treat them just like their little kids and would never

Review of the New iPhone XS

Every time the folks at Apple release a brand-new iPhone it feels like they scream from the mountaintop that it is the next best thing in the world of technology, a device living on the bleeding edge

Car Ramps Buying Guide and Product Review

We all love maintaining our cars at home all by ourselves. Who doesn’t? Well! There are quite a few jobs like oil changing, cleaning, fixing flat tires etc that can be done at home. Doing jobs like

2011 Ford Ranger Review

The Ranger is a compact truck that is produced by the Ford Motor Company. Ford originally used the Ranger name in 1958 on its Edsel line of trucks. From 1965 to 1981, the Ranger name was a

2017 BMW 230I? The Unique Little Luxury Coupe

BMW has a way with motors, and a way with manufacturing a car that will literally immerse you in the driving experience. No matter if you purchase a used BMW or a brand new one, chances are

500 Songs In My Pocket For Less Than 20 Bucks

I started collecting large volumes of popular music back in the ’70s, while living in Germany as a member of the U.S. military. I had easy access to then state-of-the-art recording equipment through the audio club located

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Steam Mops

Unlike your regular mop, the steam mop vaporizes water to use it in cleaning. Hot water sterilizes  your surfaces, leaving them not only clean but germ-free too. You can use it on practically any surface  type. Last

BAOFENG UV-5RB Gen3 Radio Review

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today, new item and new category because I’m going to talk about a radio of Baofeng brand that was sent to me by the online store AirsoftPeak.

Retevis H-777 Review

Today I will have a look at the Retevis H-777 an entry-level UHF radio that is similar to the popular Baofeng BF-888S series. Inside the box you will find a charging station, carrying strap, and an earpiece.

Yaesu FT 7900R Go-Box

This is the front of the go box, so in the top left we’ve got the Yaesu FT-7900 FM transceiver It’s a dual bander that works on VHF and UHF. So, on two meters it goes up
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