How I Got Rid of Roaches in My Car?

I bought a used car to take my kid to school. While observing it before the purchase, I did not see any insects inside – probably, the previous owner cleaned it and killed the pests he saw. In a matter of several days, they regenerated. The infestation was awful – nasty insects were crawling everywhere, but I managed to get rid of them entirely.

Step One: Natural Remedies

When I bought the car, it was tidy inside, but I decided to make clean-up myself once again. While doing that, I found the nest – it was located under seats. I cleaned it and got rid of feces and eggs. I took some bay leaves that I found in my kitchen and put them around the saloon – under seats, at the front panel, etc. Not that it helped a lot, but at least the pests didn’t disturb me while I was driving.

Step Two: More Drastic Measure

What made difference was diatomaceous earth. I sprinkled a bit inside the car, including the area near motor and luggage compartment. It did work: deprived of foods, the pests started devouring it, and soon their population decreased considerably. But what I did not take into consideration was roach eggs. Diatomaceous earth did not affect them, which is why nasty insects had a chance to regenerate. I needed something to poison larvae and eggs, too.

Step Three: Special Remedies

I heard that there are special roach baits for cars for sale in the Net. I found them an order a six item pack. They were placed on the floor and luggage truck. Unfortunately, they appeared to be of no help – one-two insects were caught in a bait, which, of course, was ineffective. To avoid further experimenting, I purchased the most popular roach spray in Amazon. Raid seemed to bring about positive effects almost instantly. I sprayed the remedy all around:

  • seats and under them;
  • crevices and the space in door panels;
  • glove compartment;
  • luggage truck;
  • motor compartment.

The places where nest and roach feces locate were sprayed more often than others.

Just in a couple of days I saw almost no roaches. In two weeks, they disappeared. If course, to reach these results, I kept cleaning my car, tidying up and spraying every hard-to-reach corner. When the infestation was over, I kept checking my car often to ensure total safety. Bay leaves were left to avoid further infestation. By the way, when it all finished, I called the previous owner and asked him to be more pernickety in his new car.

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