Ham Radio Go-Box on a Budget

Today I will talk about how easy it is to put together a ham radio go box even if you’re on a budget. All it really takes is two handheld transceivers for about maybe 40 bucks and a simple plastic tool box. In my example i used the Retevis H-777 which are similar to the popular Baofeng radios, I will post more information in the description below.

Personally I think it comes in really handy to have a go box for your handhelds. Let’s have a look inside. I put the ear pice, carrying strap, and stock antennas into the upper tray. If you’re upgraded antenna is not too long it will fit in the box as well. below the upper tray I keep all my other accessories, like the external speaker mike, the charging station, programming software, and the manual.

Having a box like this keeps everything nice and organized and you’re always ready to go! I was also thinking it will be a good idea to label the individual radios this should help to keep track of defective parts or it can be used if you have to manage large amounts of com gear. To summarize, it is very easy and affordable to put together a basic go box for communication, the handheld’s in my example once programmed are very easy-to-use i will put a few additional options in the description below if you like this video please subscribe and I see you in the next episode.

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