Differences between Pelican and Storm Cases

The Differences between Pelican and Storm Cases of 2020

Nowadays, there is a variety of waterproof cases available out there. However, both businesses and individuals want to protect expensive as well as delicate equipment. They decide to choose a straight choice as Pelican and Storm cases.

Which one is best for you? Well, in this post, you will discover a detailed review of each protective case brand. We will focus on four key areas, including performance levels, options and aesthetics, usability and features, and value for money. Keep reading to see if Pelican or Storm cases are better for your specific requirements.

Pelican vs. Storm Cases


Many people choose these two brands since they offer protection for their tools, equipment, products, and other essential items.


Both of them are made of durable and sturdy polypropylene materials. They are so strong. Indeed, they can fight being driven over by large vehicles.

Overall, both Pelican and Storm cases will offer you an identical level of performance. At the same time, they are sure to protect their contents. Whether you choose any of them, you will get an extremely durable solution.

Water Resistance

Both Pelican and Storm cases are entirely watertight. You can submerge them in depths up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes. Therefore, they can protect your items from the ingress of dust.


Pelican cases have traditional “pull up” latches. They are harder to use compared to the Storm case equivalents. Well, the Storm cases feature “press and pull” latches. They are more user friendly. However, they are less secure.


Both Pelican and Storm cases are available in a range of padlocks made especially for use with the cases. Moreover, they can use third party locks to secure the contents. It is also not easy to break into the cases since they are built with the seals, materials, and hinges.

Options and Aesthetics

In addition to protection, it is essential to ensure a professional as well as reliable appearance to your customers.


Many people prefer the aesthetics of the Storm cases because of several factors, such as the less glossy finish, the smoother surfaces, as well as the less fussy overall design. These cases are also more sleek and modern.


Each brand offers you six different color choices. Although they are broadly the same, you many get one better range compared to the other. Both of them provide you with black and silver. You can get an option for every business.

Branding Options

You can get a much more suitable surface for direct printing and affixing vinyl wraps or graphics because of the larger areas without reinforcements and the smoother surfaces of the Storm cases.


The appearance of the case may depend on the number of accessories available. These accessories include mounting kits and additional straps. Therefore, you can incorporate electronics directly into the cases.

However, you can enhance both Pelican and Storm cases with customized foam inserts. These inserts ensure to give enhanced protection as well as presentation.

Usability and Features

You can find a greater level of protection from Peli cases. Storm cases offer you a better option when it comes to aesthetics and branding potential. However, which one is easier to use and live with?

Size Option

You should get one with a suitable size for your equipment. You can get the shelf sizes from both these two brands. Therefore, they allow you to choose the one that is large enough for your equipment.

You can get more than 40 sizes from Pelican compared to Storm. It means it is easy to get a closer match using Pelican.


Pelican cases are heavier a bit than their Storm counterparts. Therefore, it is easier to transport Storm cases. Moreover, they can help to reduce your costs.


The handles of Storm cases come with a “soft grip” finish. This feature is more comfortable to use compared to the Pelican equivalents. However, you can get additional telescopic handles from both Pelican and Storm. They are very useful features.

Pressure Valve

Both of them come with a pressure valve. This feature allows the pressure between the case inside and outside to be equalized. Also, this feature is to protect the contents. Also, you have not to worry about the case popping open in extreme conditions.

The difference between these two models is the way it operates. While the Storm case pressure valve works automatically, you need to adjust the Pelican manually.


There are inline wheels in both the larger size Pelican and Storm cases. They are beneficial to too heavy content. The Pelican cases have stainless steel pins, while Storm models have alloy pins. Therefore, the wheels on Pelican case are suitable for use near saltwater since they are less prone to corrode and seize.

Air Travel

Both of them are available several options you can take on as hand luggage. Therefore, they are suitable for sensitive items. However, the Storm cases are lighter than the Pelican counterparts. As a result, you need to place them in the hold.

Products Value


The Storm cases are cheaper than their Pelican counterparts. However, it may be different when you choose an overly big Storm model to accommodate your equipment.


In terms of lifespan, there is nothing to choose between them. Both of them can last indefinitely. You may have to replace their parts, such as catches, handles, wheels, as required whenever they do fail.


Both of them are so durable. These cases have a full lifetime guarantee. Therefore, whichever case you choose offers not only an exceptional lifespan but also genuine value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Pelican cases made from?

The Pelican cases are made of Polypropylene copolymer material. This material is durable, lightweight, and chemical resistant.

  1. What are the largest Pelican cases?

You can find the World’s largest protector case from Pelican. They are designed for versatile large equipment protection. Well, the Pelican 0550 case gives more than 20,000 cubic inches of space.

  1. Can you paint a Pelican case?

To do this, you may have to use an epoxy primer like one used on plastic body parts on automobiles. You have to use a two-part epoxy primer bonding to the plastic before painting. After that, the paint will adhere to. Also, the painting does to the regular steel body parts.


After reading the entire comparison, you have come to the conclusion which one is better for you. If asked, we will recommend the Storm cases over Pelican or you can find alternative to pelican case because of their lower costs, improved usability, identical performance, as well as better appearance. However, Pelican cases are an excellent choice for any business.

Whether you choose any of them, make sure you get high performance, waterproof, dustproof case. These cases will offer perfect protection as well as value for money.

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