Baofeng uv-5s Radio review

Today we are going to discover the veil thing you beat I bet this is a very nice radio and it’s the longest radio I’ve ever had .I bought this about like two months ago and it’s like the best 3y.


I’ve had it has a very sleek design and it actually has a CD CSS programming on the menu button and ADCs on it too it has a box on it the transmit over time and you can select the bandwidth white or narrow it is a UV sorry it is a UHF and VHF band the keypad is very rugged and it’s very big for like big hands such as mine starting starting on to the sides it has only one PTT button for the dual band it also has these I think two programmable buttons on it one emergency button one knob for volume and up volume up or down one last light [Music] the battery is a hundred million sorry it’s 1000 a.m.

each each thing and it’s a lithium battery so it’s really good it also has positive and negative these two pronged right here the positive and negative is put out a weird spot because the UV 5x I have over here it’s usually put right there the real thing UV v R is actually right there this is the flashlight and every time I get closer the brighter it is so it’s not a really good flashlight as it says it also has a strobe light type the radio is actually an FM radio – so here is your here it is for the FM it’s a really good radio so I think you should check it out on eBay I will link it down in the description thank you for watching the video good bye

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