BAOFENG UV-5RB Gen3 Radio Review

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today, new item and new category because I’m going to talk about a radio of Baofeng brand that was sent to me by the online store AirsoftPeak.

This radio is the… we will try to see here: BF-UV-5RB.You can find it on the AirsoftPeak website by returning the code : 13047.

I’ll unpack this article and I’ll take the opportunity to remind you that the online store AirsoftPeak offers you a voucher worth 5 dollars on your next order placed by using the code that I will certainly insert at the top left of this video. Thank to them !


So we unpacked all objects. I also want to tell you that I have already unpacked this radio, to be able to try it a little bit. That is why there is no protective plastic, but normally, you have everything under plastic. You can see that this is a very complete package because you have the radio, battery, and antenna. You have a home dock to charge, a charger for our country, European type. A clip to put that radio is on your belt or to a MOLLE system.

A lanyard to put it on your wrist and finally a headset with microphone to use it if you ever don’t have a PTT or associated Headset. Little thing about those two objects, they are very well made and information are very clear, although it is not written in French. All information are placed on the charger and the charging station. You do not have to worry too much.

I will remove all of it. We will see the radio now… Two last things: the first is that apparently, if I understand correctly, Baofeng brand is changing both its logo as well as its name.

In 2014, it is no longer Baofeng but Pofung. It’s one thing I had to say…

The second thing is that it comes with a small manual, and when I say small, I mean “really small”. In view of all the functions that have this radio, the manual is extremely minimalist. So I would put at the top left of the video and in the description, a link to a site that offers a manual of this type of radio, which is valid for UV-5* radio because you have the UV-5R, UV-5RA, UV -5RB at least … I think it goes until the letter “E” but the differences are minimal and the manual is used for all these radios.

So ! This radio: we will see it a little bit closer, at least we’ll try … What can i say of premium on board ? Manufacturing quality and materials are very good. This has the sturdy air, this is a radio that is expected to last. It is solid. I have big hands but it sits well in the hand.Nothing more to say to that side.Note that radio is compatible with, among others, the PTT Z-Tac including this one, for which I have made you a video review recently.You can use this PTT connection with this one, on this radio.It uses a Li-ion battery, Li-Ion 1800 mAh 7,4v and that you will use during about 8 to 10 hours continuously.

To turn on, just turning this little knob there.Ah… Chindamo-what ?First thing to do: maybe we will change the language…… and Voila ! This will be better.So we went back into “English” language.You may have seen while I was “traveling” all menus : there is a slew of things to setup on this radio. I do not think that we,airsoft player, really have need of all these functions there.

The fact is that they are available on this radio. I do not think you will use more than 20 to 25% of the capacity of this object.This being said, let’s talk about the screen, a few things. As you can see, the screen is backlit.You have different lights that are programmable.When you speak, light is orange. When you received something, it is blue color.

We will not stay that long on that frequency.The keyboard is backlit.There is two others little nice things, however more or less useful.The first is that you have a lamp : yes, a lamp, on the radio.

This can allow you to read a map, for example, during some nocturnal missions.

And another thing too, interestingly enough, if you are bored at a battle, you have an FM radio function !

What makes me say in passing that the speaker is of excellent quality. Sound is perfectly audible with good bass,

and I guess for the voice of the people you hear, it can also be a very good thing.

This is it ! I will turn it on again.

As I showed you, you have a menu where you can configure everything on the radio, the voice that we saw earlier,

screens, channels, bands if you use VHF or UHF…

You have a huge list of things to configure. So I repeat, I would put a link to a manual in French, much more complete than the one you have here.

Indeed, it’s one of the best cb radio that we will not use 100% of its capacity, far from it.

Another thing that I must necessarily also specify : I did not show a while ago, but I will show anyway…

… Power, 5 W.

It should be noted that in France, I believe that radio should not exceed 500 mW, which is 0.5 W. Here it’s 5 W, which is why

the emission / reception range specified by the manufacturer is 1 to 3 km. It’s pretty huge.

So the power (W) is too important to our country. And this is not a PMR446 standard.

Basically, to use this radio, you must either pay a fee or obtain a permit.

If you have neither one nor the other, you are in violation of the law.

With that, it’s up to you to take responsibility to buy or not this radio. I do not push consumption in this kind of product…

Moreover when the product is not completely legal in France. It’s like the lasers who are too powerful for France’s Law…

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