Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Turntable

Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Turntable

This Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable product comes with a USB port that you can use to connect to your laptop or desktop. This is a great MP3 player! The product system includes audacity software that would suit MAC computers and other personal computers. Not only that, the product also comes with an audio technica dual- magnet with stylus that can replaced conveniently, USB and adapter cable. It can be used as a recording system and MP3 at the same time.

Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Turntable

This product looks tough as well with its aluminum turntable platter. Together with its audacity recording software, consumers can do tape recordings and it can convert tapes digitally to CDs. By doing so, you have all the advantage to adjust the speed of the recording. The product has a brilliant turntable feature which comes with a built in line switch pre amp which can be connected to a stereo system. The product is compatible to all Windows XP, Vista or MAC OSX operating system. It has a specific system requirement of MAC running OSX 10.1 or later, PC running Windows with at least 98 versions and above and available USB port of 1.1 or even higher.

Product Features and Specifications:

– Product weight: 6.6 pounds
– Power supply requirements of 120 volts AC, 60 HZ, 3W
– Pre- Amp Phono and Line Output Level
– USB output with no special driver requirements (easy to connect to computers)
-PC and MAC Compatible
– Fully automatic
– Pre Amp Switch
-Integral Dual Magnet stereo cartridge with replacement stylus
– Tough Aluminum Platter

Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Turntable with USB Port Review

Every consumer cannot stop saying that this Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable with USB Port product is excellent and commendable. After the first use, consumers find the product great and perfect to use. Many find this machine effective and brilliant. The sound works just fine as well as the record player. They believed that this product comes with a reasonable price. The fully automatic feature is truly a great help to use the product easily.

Consumers highly recommend the product to those who like to do recordings and listen to MP 3 songs. It is definitely effective when it comes to recording. The product will surely last for long when taken with proper care. Many find it very conventional and easy to use. They were delighted with the ultimate performance of the software used in the turntable. Many consumers find it very convenient as well to transfer and store important files and data with the use of USB.

You have to grab one for self now. Many have tried it and they love it! This is a very commendable Holiday gift to give and share to your loved ones. With its affordable and discounted price, you can purchase this product without hurting your pocket. This fully automatic product is a remarkable one. You do not have to worry as well because this product is compatible to both Windows and Mac computer users.

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