500 Songs In My Pocket For Less Than 20 Bucks

I started collecting large volumes of popular music back in the ’70s, while living in Germany as a member of the U.S. military. I had easy access to then state-of-the-art recording equipment through the audio club located just downstairs from my office in Frankfurt, and can’t even recall the number of amplifiers, reel-to-reel tape decks, cassette players, turntables and speakers I purchased during my two-year stay in Europe.

When I returned home to the States in ’76, an accumulation of 100 reel tapes came with me – each holding recordings from five 33 rpm LP records, for a total of about 500 recorded music albums. All my favorite music from the sixties and seventies was there, in those bulky, cumbersome reel-to-reel tapes. And they’ve stayed with me till this day, too, packed away in several heavy, dust-laden cardboard boxes in a closet somewhere in the house.

Today, nearly 35 years later, I still enjoy those old songs… maybe more than ever, and am able to carry them all in my pocket, safely ensconced in a 4 gig MP3 player that cost me about 20 bucks. And those songs go everywhere with me, as is evidenced by the telltale ear-buds seen sticking in my ears or hanging out the collar of my shirt. What an amazing technological advancement, this little MP3. Stay tuned. I’ve got a great story about my old collection of Super 8 movie films to follow.

By the way, I sold most of that stereo equipment (and all of the old LP records) long ago… gently used but still like new… and, at a profit. Nowadays, if there’s a song I want to add to the collection, it’s as easy as going online for a quick download and transfer to that little twenty- dollar wonder in my pocket. Music has never been so easy to enjoy!

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