2017 BMW 230I? The Unique Little Luxury Coupe

BMW has a way with motors, and a way with manufacturing a car that will literally immerse you in the driving experience. No matter if you purchase a used BMW or a brand new one, chances are that you are going to enjoy driving it. BMW has been trying to rekindle their roots, and one of the most memorable models was the 2002. A lightweight model that is noted for its stellar performance and that signature center mounted exhaust pipe, one of BMW’s most memorable models to date. The 230I looks to be a modern rendition of this legendary model.


The 2017 BMW 230I.

When BMW retired the 1 series in 2014, they looked to replace it with an equally affordable and performance oriented model. The 1 series was not a ground breaking model by any means, but it was an affordable entry level BMW that could be had in a coupe or convertible model that was fun to drive. The 2 series is a step up from this model, while keeping to the original formula of a lightweight and compact sport coupe that is relatively affordable for the entry level buyer to get into a BMW.


Driving the 230I is like an adrenaline rush, with plenty of power to scoot this little coupe along down the road with plenty of force. The 2.0 Liter four cylinder engine is turbo charged, and features enough pep to make this little bimmer fly. The car has plenty of torque like most BMW models, and it has that signature BMW whine when it is revving up. The car still has a smooth signature ride that is more then suitable for long trips, and while paired with the automatic transmission this little coupe is an absolute dream on freeway driving.

The interior is signature BMW, and that is quite alright. They stick to the same theme with most of their vehicle generations, and that hasn’t changed. The 230I is all business, with very professional leather and plastic accents throughout the vehicle.

The stitched seats look and feel great with plenty of adjustments and lumbar support, because after all this is the ultimate driving machine. The navigation is very intuitive, and the dash board has the signature red BMW glow to it. The backseat is also quite roomy, with plenty of comfort for a long drive together with four full sized adults. BMW has made sure that the 230I appeals to all of their buyers, and they have managed to create an interior that is quintessential BMW quality.

Drivers who are looking for an exciting luxury car, at an entry level price should look no further then the 230I. Although the model doesn’t come in a four door, it does have enough room and features to make it a viable option. Available in a coupe or convertible model the 230I starts out at $34,800.

Making this model an affordable way to get into a brand new BMW, and introduce new drivers to the ultimate driving machine. It is unclear if BMW will ever offer the 230I in a sedan model, but for the time being the coupe is a highly desirable car with stellar power from a turbo charged motor, and a beautiful body design that has a timeless style that will look good flying down the highway for years to come.

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