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Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Stage One: Claire (my daughter) screening sand, pushing it by hand through a 1/4 inch screen:


Stage Two: Cranking up the oldies, dancing (stomping) the sand into some very wet clay to mix it.


Stage Three: While the sand was being mixed, straw was being thrown into a large barrel and attacked with a weed whacker to break it into small pieces. This was mixed into the mud mix to form "cob" or natural plaster. (That's my foot at the bottom.)


Stage Four: The natural plaster is patted by hand onto the floor, which had a rough layer already on it. Levels are used to check for consistent thickness, and trowels are used to smooth it.


Stage Five: The finished floor needs to cure for at least a week before being walked on.

finished floor

Here's the bed and breakfast where I stayed - like the rest of Dancing Rabbit, it's all off the grid.


Off the grid includes plumbing - so the toilet is a composting toilet. Note the lack of a handle for flushing.



New Video - March 11, 2008 - We Are Not Special

still from video:


The finished video:


Mural Progress, Nov 10, 2007



Still from current project



The Chalk Bandits

3 Aug 2007

chalk bandit art

I received an email from the mother of one of my students last week, directing me to a news story involving her son. He and two other area youth created a mural in downtown Mount Clemens, in a public space by a fountain. They used sidewalk chalk – the chunky kind that you’d buy for a child’s birthday party; the kind that washes away with plain water. While they were working, bypassers were commenting on their work. The students encouraged them to take part. The people who joined them came from all walks of life, including, at one point, a member of the Mount Clemens Downtown Development Authority. It was one of those rare unplanned, unannounced occurrences where, for a brief time, a community came together to create something, just because they could. ...

... continued here


Texaco Mural (in progress)

A little piece of something I'm working on above the chalkboard in my classroom.


Rainbow Etude

Mixed media sketch to promote a performance of Rainbow Etude, choreographed by Donald McKayle. The piece is based on McKayle's Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, a protest dance about southern chain gangs.

A rainbow is the arc of a hammer as it is swung over the head, the color of bruises from a prison guard's lashes, the circle of sun that lies across a man's shoulders after he's been working in the sun.



A Place Destroyed

A week with Emergency Communities in Buras, Louisiana, with several of my students from the Arts Academy in the Woods.

Online Videos by Veoh.com


Arlington Midwest
Wyandotte, MI, September 29, 2006

Thank you to the Arts Academy in the Woods Peace Council for helping to set this up.


Recent project: Flash animation for multimedia production (requires flash player and audio), 5/23/2006

A collaboration with Roberta Lucas (choreographer) and high school students in the Dance and Photography departments at the Arts Academy in the Woods.